9W2OMG on air!

Hi. The names Aisyah. I go with the callsign 9W2OMG and hails from Bkt Rahman Putra, Shah Alam, Selangor! An ultimate newbie in the amateur radio world. So, guidance from you lot would be appreciated and loved. I was a bit surprised though that I passed last year's RAE. Kudos goes to my dad for teaching and getting me ready for the RAE and same goes to the dear Internetz! So, I received my license last week and was pretty happy with the callsign I've chosen. :-)

Last weekend, I traveled all the way to the South coast aka Singapore to grab a handy. I came home with a Kenwood TH-F7E. I ripped my dad's money right off. Lovely features it has. Includes dual monitoring, it is a dual band HT and a scanner that could receive SSB. And I've tried being on air with it once. Only once. I might be too shy to transmit whatsoever. So, when I'm ready, I might hog the frequency. But then, PMR is coming up and I'll be accompanying most of my time with my darling books.