When she returns..

Wow. Can't believe how long I've been abandoning this blog and the Radio Amateur world. Let me see, about 5 months-ish? Like the past few months.. I haven't been using my Kenwood TH-F7E. Hope its still alive after living on my desk untouched for months and months of not switching it on. PMR is currently conquering my life right now. That's partly the main reason for the long absensee. Plus.. the fact that I've lost a bit interest in Radio Amateur. If only I have a few teen friends along with me to recon the Radio Amateur fanatic heat back up.

So, the teen hams out there.. holla me!

I bet I'm boring you to sleep now cos I am. Moving on.. before I forget,


I think it's a wee bit too late for the wish.. But then, its the thought that counts, yes? This year's Eid was a bit down. No ideaz why. That will remain a mystery.

Mhm.. I have no other shizz to share with you readers. Cos my brain is completely blank right this second. I just had my breakfast and my brain doesn't really co-operate with my brain on a full stomach. Okay, lies. I'm just out of ideaz!

PMR is in 2 weeks and I think, I'll be dead faster than you can say "Aisyah iz dead".

73! Au revoir!