I've been wanting to form a group for the Teen Hams in Malaysia since ages ago. Anybody willing to team up with me and make it happen? :-D


A rhetorical question for you guys there.

Up with the basics. Introductions! Some of the readers out there might not know what on earth is this Amateur Radio that have been going on for some decades now. So, what is it?

You'll probably get a different answer for every hams you ask because everybody is well, pretty much different. Obviously. To me, it's an epic discovery of a very interesting hobby that appeals differently to every single individuals. You'll be able to talk to your mates over the radio waves using a HT (hand-held transceiver), participating in competitions with other hams, communicating digitally to share personal texts or information in an emergency or even just to have a chat with other hams anywhere in the world. And there's pretty much more than 4938497 other reasons out there. You will get a chance to share a helluva loads of things just by using radio waves. How rad is that?

But, to make this a reality. You'll just have to go over some rules and basics for the Radio Amateur Exam. And then bam! You're in! ..If you manage to pass the exam that is. But then, if you don't there's always another time.

Stay tuned! 'Cos its already passed midnight and I think I should be in bed by now.


The things we like.

Excuse the irrelevant images.

I've been a legit dork that haven't been posting anything in this wonder blog for decades. Over and done with PMR, hell yeah. Looking forward for the results that are gonna haunt us 94s on Tuesday. Not really, but I have to act as if I am. + I'm sorry. Things have just gotten out of hand lately 'bout me-- not caring about the fact that I'm actually 9W20MG. But hey, don't worry. I'll be back and rocking the stations up. As if. I don't even have the guts to say a word. I'm a shy person like that. Or probably, I'll go on air after my sister, Asma and her friend, Nurul get the license that they've been waiting for over 2 years. Well, hopefully. Finger cross! While those awaits.. I think I'm just gonna go and enjoy my school holidays till it ends. 3 weeks left before the nightmare begins.

+ I've updated my My Callsign Network. Apologies for keeping all the friend requests waiting.