Them rules.

For Malaysians, get your guidelines here.

Up with the basics.

The Amateur Radio Q-Code
SignalQuestionAnswer, Advice or Order
QRGWill you indicate my exact frequency in kilocycles?Your frequency is ... kc.
QRHDoes my frequency vary?Your frequency varies.
QRIHow is the tone of my transmission?The tone of your transmission is ...
1. Good.
2. Variable.
3. Bad.
QRJAre you receiving me badly? Are my signals weak?I cannot receive you. Your signals are too weak.
QRKWhat is the legibility of my signals (1 to 5)?The legibility of your signals is ... (1 to 5).
QRL*Are you busy?I am busy (or busy with....). Please do not interfere.
QRM*Are you being interfered with?I am being interfered with.
QRN*Are you troubled by static?I am troubled by static.
QRO*Must I increase power?Increase power.
QRP*Must I decrease power?Decrease power.
QRQ*Must I send faster?Send faster ... (words per min.).
QRS*Must I send more slowly?Transmit more slowly ... (w.p.m.).
QRT*Must I stop transmission?Stop transmission.
QRU*Have you anything for me?I have nothing for you.
QRV*Are you ready?I am ready.
QRWMust I advise ... that you are calling him on ... kc?Please advise ... that I am calling him on ... kc.
QRX*When will you call again?I will call you again at ... hours (on ... kc.).
QRZ*By whom am I being called?You are being called by ...
QSAWhat is the strength of my signals (1 to 5)?The strength of your signals is ... (1 to 5).
QSB*Does the strength of my signals vary?The strength of your signals varies.
QSDIs my keying correct? Are my signals distinct?Your keying is incorrect; your signals are bad.
QSGMust I transmit ... telegrams (or one telegram) at a time?Transmit ... telegrams (or one telegram) at a time.
QSK*Shall I continue the transmission of all my traffic?I can hear you between my signals. Continue: I shall interrupt you if necessary.
QSL*Can you acknowledge receipt?I am acknowledging receipt.
QSMShall I repeat the last telegram I sent you?Repeat the last telegram you sent me.
QSO*Can you communicate with ... directly (or through...)?I can communicate with ... direct (or through...).
QSPWill you relay to ...?I will relay to ... free of charge.
QSVShall I send a series of VVV....?Send a series of VVV.
QSXWill you listen for ... (call sign) on ... kcs?I am listening for ... on ... kcs.
QSY*Shall I change to ... kilocycles without changing the type of wave?Change to ... kc. without changing type of wave.
QSZShall I send each word or group twice?Send each word or group twice.
QTAShall I cancel nr ... as if it had not been sent?Cancel nr ... as if it had not been sent.
QTBDo you agree with my word count?I do not agree with your word count; I shall repeat the first letter of each word and the first figure of each number.
QTCHow many telegrams have you to send?I have ... telegrams for you or for ....
QTH*What is your position (location)?My position (location) is ....
QTRWhat is the exact time?The exact time is ....
QST*General call preceeding a message address to all amateurs and A.R.R.L. Members. This is in effect "CQ ARRL".
QRRROfficial A.R.R.L. "land SOS." A distress call for emergency use only.


For the old time's sake.

The last time I let my fingers dance across the keyboard and key something in this blog was all the way back in February. Time do fly fast. I really have nothing to nag about. I just can't wait for some of my mates to apply the RA license so we can QSO all we want. And I've been repeating those sentences ever since I received mine. Heh, procrastinating is good. Like big time.

& Hopefully this Sunday, I'll be with the sVian scouts at Pavillion for Milk Day! I can't waaaait! Cos I haven't seen them for bloody ages! Since 08 to be precise. I might bring my handy along and just mess about with it for a while. So yeah, whoever is in that area, prepare, 9W2OMG is back! Perhaps.. not.

This is making me dance with glee.

(Dances with glee!)

Okay, gotta stop.

(Still... dancing with glee)


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