For the old time's sake.

The last time I let my fingers dance across the keyboard and key something in this blog was all the way back in February. Time do fly fast. I really have nothing to nag about. I just can't wait for some of my mates to apply the RA license so we can QSO all we want. And I've been repeating those sentences ever since I received mine. Heh, procrastinating is good. Like big time.

& Hopefully this Sunday, I'll be with the sVian scouts at Pavillion for Milk Day! I can't waaaait! Cos I haven't seen them for bloody ages! Since 08 to be precise. I might bring my handy along and just mess about with it for a while. So yeah, whoever is in that area, prepare, 9W2OMG is back! Perhaps.. not.

This is making me dance with glee.

(Dances with glee!)

Okay, gotta stop.

(Still... dancing with glee)


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