Your questions, I have answered.

A couple of people had been asking me. Why on earth did I choose the callsign 9W2OMG. So now, I'll pretty much explain it in like a whole paragraph. LOL. I sounded tad geek-ish. So, here we go.. I've been wanting a callsign that actually has something to do with my name. Well, something along the line. But, I was unlucky and didn't grab hold of any of them that I wanted. So, I chose 9W2OMG because I practically use the abbreviation OMG nearly everyday of my life, which stands for Oh My God/Gosh. Yes, it sounds very cliche-ish. There it is. The explanation of why I chose 9W2OMG, which is rather not that impressive nor interesting. Heh, this sucks.


Ah. Good grief! I've been approving all the friend request on MY Callsign Network for the past 5 minutes. Anyways, I'm currently having my first exam in school which is a total bore. Like, bore-bore-boredom. So, I'll be accompanied by my books till 110309. I guess.

And I have been craving for Lencana Maju! ..ever since I received my Lencana Usaha which was way back since early last year. (If I'm not mistaken) Sadly, my school's scout for the morning session is not that active and hardly does any camps and awesome activities. Which is pretty much sad. Let me see, there's about less than 20 students that usually attend the scouts meetings. So, what could we do with these 20 active students? Hardly nothing. I want to be back in the afternoon session. You could see a hell-lot of difference on the scouts between these 2 sessions. I guess, it's not my lucky year, is it? HELP?!

And I have nothing avid left to type.