I've been wanting to form a group for the Teen Hams in Malaysia since ages ago. Anybody willing to team up with me and make it happen? :-D


  1. hei assalamualiakum,aku pun wat usaha yang same mcm ko wat.kalo nk join same aku no problem.hehehe.hm..wat mase nie ader lar 2-4 org rakan hams sebaye umur kite nih tpi payah tol nak ajak msok freq hehhehe kalo ader mse call me at 28.490.k regards 73.

  2. assalamualiakum , - i have been into the ham hobby for more then 25 years already so i have been in the same situation .
    I come already for more then 15 years in Malaysia and seen the changes over the years , sertainly for the radio hobby .
    What i would like to advise you is to go "back to class" and go for your 9m2 licence befor mcmc abolish the cw - witch would be great to hear but what it is not if you wanna travel with your radio (paper work is not easy done without a 9m2 licence...)
    ---Then a question to you , do you think it is in the intrest of the now "fragile" licening and hobby situation in Malaysia to form groops ? - we all should stand behind the ham hobby as one person , not seeing him as young or old...
    Hope to hear you on the bands once.
    Greetings , 9m2fri

  3. Amir, the thing is, aku agak pemalu. Hahaha.

    Martin, Wassalam. Well, I'm kinda too young for the 9M2 license, unfortunately I'm only 16. I'll have to wait for another 2 years to get the license. And forming groups is not that necessary. It's just that by forming a group, other people will be attracted easily to this ham hobby when there's a large number of people in this ham society. And it's an easier way to attract all the other youngsters out there to join in as well. Not that I want to force everybody to have it as a hobby or anything. Well, that is according to my point of view.

  4. hehehe, hm...cewah pemalu yer.hik..hik..
    hm..aku setuju dengan pdgan ko tu aisyah.
    sekiranya kita berkumpulan kita akan lebih mudah untuk menarik para remaja lain menyertai radio amatur.
    hm...try ar masuk ke marts linking ker 9M4RGH bile ko,aku + member2 aku yg lain masuk,secara x lansung ianya akan membuka minat rakan2 sebaya kita yg sudah ada callsign but tidak memancar.
    hm..kalo agak2 segan untuk qso dlm group bleh qso gan aku je kat V40.hehehe
    xkesah la nk citer pasal pelajaran pun boleh or apa2 pun.
    hm..maybe ko busy

  5. Pemalu habis. Hahaha. Handy aku dah berkarat kot sekarang. Tunggu adik aku dapat license, nanti baru QSO. & Aku slalu tak tau nak cakap apa :-Z & Busy? Busy, tak busy. Sama je. Hahaha. Tengok lah macam mana nanti :-D

  6. 21 years old can join ah? haha